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HopeWorksNM is the name of the non profit organization that I decided to base my "design for social good" project on for my Coursea certificate program.

Final Project?

Yes, to put it shortly, this is the last project I have to show you as it is the last one in the certificate course, but it is definitely not my last one.

website image 16.PNG

Ux design Process

I quickly went from ideating and wireframing on paper to designing digitally this time, spending most of the time i spent on the project designing on figma.

website image 15.PNG

Research and Community?

When I researched other non profit organizations websites and mobile experiences, I found that a lot of the bigger foundations thrived when it came to smooth and eye capturing design as well as efficient non buggy pages while some of the smaller websites had issues but often thrived in the writing itself and in the layout and color templates of the website often felt more local and down to earth.

website image 11.PNG
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