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I was completely new to UX design when I started TheatreHut. There is a first for everything and this was my first UX project. I was given prompts and the first one I landed on was to create a simple and easy to use app that showed off movie trailers. And just like that I was off to the races, starting my UX journey on Coursea.

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Section 01

Movie Trailers?

When I was clicking through prompts to find my first project prompt for Coursea and one about making a very visible movie trailer section on a local theatres app, I immediately thought thats something I could be interested in.

Section 02

Early Stages

During the early stages of the project I often thought of how there was an a lot bigger old population of movies enjoyers nowadays since the days of the TV are coming to an end with the internet on the rise and dominating now. That why I focused on making my app clear and consise.

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Section 03

Paper? Digital?

While paper wireframing is quick and efficient and good for trying to come up with ideas, I found out that once you've chosen the certain design choices you want from them that its better not to do any more. That's when you put them on Figma and start really making each page stand out.


Research and Studies

When I researched all the big move companies like regal and other more tailored websites and apps like Fandango and found that they all had a very solid grip on the process overall, but it seemed that they weren't accounting for the new increase of older people coming into their industry as customers and haven't tailored their websites and apps to have very big text or spacious design, they are more filled with ads and pop ups to attract younger audiences still. This is also what I found in my studies as while the older people seemed to think of the movies as a somewhat special outing with friends and family, the younger users didn't go much at all unless it was something specific.

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